Angel Unleashed His “Blessings” Track

Angel Unleashed His

This week, British crooner Angel revealed that he has inked a deal with RCA’s Bystorm imprint and with the announcement, Angel packages his early “Blessings” track, a cut originally crafted in ode to appreciating life as it is.

“I was at a frustrated point in my life and like most things I try to channel that into my music. ‘Blessings’ was a result of that,” he tells Complex. “I turned that frustration into appreciation. The lyrics and melody came naturally to me, it wasn’t something I even second-guessed. The song almost wrote itself. The song is special because no matter what your circumstances are you can relate to the message. That’s important to me.”

The cut is now attached to a new video, directed by Paul Akinrinlola, that depicts Angel as he frequents his ends.

“I’m a simple man so kicking it with my close ones at the family crib, or posting up on the block with my day ones is those priceless moments that Blessings’ is all about,” he adds.


Why am I stressing?
I better count my blessing
Life could’ve been more threatening
But it ain’t, we good