Blac Chyna Reacts To Hairdresser Assault Case Being Rejected

The reality star says her accuser was trying to gain fame with false allegations.

On Tuesday, a court tossed out Blac Chyna’s assault case, a move that has made the reality star breathe a little easier. Chyna’s former hairdresser accused her of wielding a knife and threatening her during an altercation that was captured on grainy surveillance footage from outside of Chyna’s home. It was later determined by the Los Angeles City Attorney’s office that the cases against both Blac Chyna and her hairstylist were rejected due to insufficient evidence.

Chyna has responded to the recent announcement by telling TMZ that she isn’t surprised that the case never made its way to court because the hairdresser, who hasn’t been named, is a liar. The reality star also stated that her accuser was just looking for her 15 minutes of fame because she shared the story on social media and with news outlets. According to Chyna, all of that was done before the stylist even contacted the police with accusations that her life was in danger.