Ciara Channels Momma Shark While Milly Rocking To “Baby Shark”

Ciara Channels Momma Shark While Milly Rocking To

If you have kids of your own or have young nieces and nephews, you’re probably more than likely aware of the “Baby Shark.” You’ve probably heard it a few times which is enough to have the song drilled into your memory. It became a global phenomenon that took over pop culture this year. Travis Scott was even seen turning up in the club to “Baby Shark” which we can only assume Stormi put him onto.

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Baby 🦈🤣. #MommyShark #GoodTimes

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Ciara’s the latest celebrity to hop on the “Baby Shark” wave but she did it with her own twist. Here’s the thing, Ciara can essentially make anything look good at this point but the fact that she busted a whole move over “Baby Shark” is pretty impressive. Mind you, she hit the Milly Rock with a remix to “Baby Shark” which, even in a minute-long clip, is more tolerable than the original. Her kids are definitely to thank for putting her onto the song. Maybe the remix she was dancing to will be included in the new Nickelodeon TV series based on the song.