Domani Hit Up Another Video “I’m Not Ready”

Domani Hit Up Another Video

This summer Domani effectively lai the groundwork for an undeniably promising career by offering up his Time Will Tell project. Since its release, the second-born son of T.I. has earned his praise for his distinct subject matter and delivery and he continues to support the effort with a new music video for project standout “I’m Not Ready.”

In the clip, the young emcee explores the difference in priorities between his girl and himself, citing an unfavorable history in observing relationships: “I grew up with my parents in two separate houses/I used to always have two Christmases but now I’m finding/That it’s bigger than that, I always overlooked it growing up, and now it’s hard to even picture all my kids coming from one/Womon that I love and that’s not your fault.”

Watch the full video below.