Gucci Mane chases uptown vibes with the best of ’em.

Make no mistake about it, Delusions of Grandeur isn’t the slightest bit presumptuous in nature. Gucci Mane’s inglorious form in the past few years has seen him produce what is perhaps, his most polished work to date, despite concerns that he suffered the fate of Robert Leroy Johnson in selling his soul to the devil. Therein lies the hypocrisy over his work/public image: Gucci Mane doesn’t require that you give him special treatment, so long as you show up for the recital in the mood to spend your $.

On “Special” off the recently debuted Delusions of Grandeur, Guwop mixes with Puerto Rico’s preeminent rapper/trapper of the year, Anuel AA. As he so aptly demonstrated on Meek Mill’s “Uptown Vibes,” Anuel prefers to announce his presence with authority, never the trap door. Gucci for his part spends a good majority of the song, in a self-referential pattern, as evidenced by the reiteration of the “my skin, my logo” adage he rapped on Solange last album When I Get Home.

Quotable Lyrics:

My glow up is amazing, a new level, I leveled
Tee Grizzley, “First Day Out,” I made a hit, no effort (Grizz)
My money dirty, Diddy, get the shovel, embezzle (Take that)
They see me, know they got to step it up, they better.