Mark Zuckerberg account hacked

During the malfunctioning of facebook, instagram and Whatsapp today a report just went viral that Zuckerberg the founder of facebook that his account on facebook has been hacked by the so called notorious website “darkweb”
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k on Friday night disclosed that it has been hit by a security breach. In one of Facebook features there was a bug that has been exploited by unknown hackers and over 50 million Facebook accounts have been directly compromised. An additional 40 million accounts have been potentially compromised. In the 50 million accounts that have been hacked, one belongs to Facebook creator and CEO Mark Zuckerberg. The account of Facebook chief operating officer Sheryl Sandberg has also been hacked.

“Three software flaws in Facebook’s systems allowed hackers to break into user accounts, including those of the top executives Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg, according to two people familiar with the investigation but not allowed to discuss it publicly,” reported New York Times.

The account of Mark Zuckerberg has been hacked due to the View As bug, which crept into Facebook code in 2017. Facebook says its engineers discovered the bug on September 25. It has now been fixed, and Facebook has reset the security tokens for the affected 90 million users. These users will find themselves logged out of the Facebook app and website and will have to log in again. The news was announced by Guy Rosen, VP of product management at Facebook, as well as by Mark Zuckerberg, who wrote on his Facebook page.

The news comes days after a hacker in Taiwan said that on Sunday he would delete the Facebook account of Mark Zuckerberg. The hacker had said that he would attack Zuckerberg’s account live on camera and would live-stream the whole planned incident. It seemed that the hacker knew about the View As bug and would have used it to get into Facebook CEO’s personal social media page. But after last night’s disclosure by Facebook, the hacker abruptly called off the Sunday’s activity that he had planned. The hacker, identified as Chang Chi-yuan, wrote on his Facebook page that he didn’t expect his threat to Zuckerberg’s account to go viral.