Pop Smoke Re-energizes The NewYork Streets On “Dior”

Pop Smoke Re-energizes The NewYork Streets On

The Drill movement has resurfaced on American soil and Pop Smoke is the determined character braving the cold, all alone in New York City. Songs like “Welcome to the Party” and “Meet The Woo” has been the musical backdrop for an uncomfortably humid summer in NY; Pop Smoke went through the trouble of leaking his content in the Springtime in order to get a good buzz going.

I bet I air it like BNB
Nappy Blue wildin’ in my section
And I keep that .38 for the weapon
Remember when I came home from corrections
All the bad bitches in my direction.


All that’s left for Pop Smoke is to await the plaudits on his freshly-minted Meet The Woo EP. Although he did manage dedicated following since debuting “Welcome to the Party,” beyond the 2nd wave of “global recognition,” it’s through songs like “Dior” that Pop Smoke stands to find longer-term success. But as Frank Sinatra once sang in ballad form, “If I can make it there, I’ll make it anywhere, It’s up to you, New York, New York.” The sky’s the limit for Brooklyn’s unsung hero. Check out “Dior” and hit us with your thoughts.