Yung Baby Tate Drops Dope Track

These days it seems no banger is properly certified without an Internet challenge to go along with it, introducing fans to untapped wells of talent, amplifying the user experience and all the other things that cause digital marketers to swoon.

Nevertheless, we’re almost always guaranteed to get an entry that excites us, perhaps more than the original, and Nicki Minaj’s latest challenge for her “Megatron” single proved to be no exception.

In particular, it was Atlanta’s Yung Baby Tate, fresh off of a few songwriting and featured vocal looks on the Revenge Of The Dreamers III project, who caught everyone’s attention with her assertive entry as she shared a clip of herself vibing along to her own recorded “Megatron” rework, appropriately dubbed “Babytron.”

They call me Baby Tate, I’m not a lazy lay
I fuck him like he the reason I’m getting paid today
I ride him like the beat, it’s wetter than the sea
He rolling up some weed, then I rock him back to sleep